Our Clients

We love our clients more than Elizabeth Barrett Browning loved Robert. Our clients inspire us, define us, motivate us--and give us a reason to be. Some have known us for years and others are new friends. Whether recent or established, the relationship between our customers and Honeywick is rich, rooted in success, and endures beyond work.

  • American Beverage Marketers
  • Augusta Masters Rentals
  • Blairwood
  • Cargo Experts
  • Children's Special Care Dentistry
  • East Springs Family Dentistry
  • Four Colour Print Group
  • Evidence In Motion
  • Fresh Start Growers Supply
  • Friends of the Waterfront
  • Fulton and Devlin - Attorneys at Law
  • Furtherance Investments
  • Goldberg Simpson - Attorneys at Law
  • Hardwood Imagery
  • Home of the Innocents
  • IDEAS 40203
  • INC Group
  • Innovative Mattress Solutions
  • John Darr Public Relations
  • KD Fiduciary Asset Management
  • Kentucky Organization of Professional Archaeologists
  • Lastique International Corporation
  • Leslie Stocker's Colorways
  • Louisville Country Club
  • Louisville Derby Rentals
  • Louisville Metro - Riverside, Farnsley-Moremen Landing
  • Louisville Tennis Club
  • Manoosh's Electric
  • Mark A. Gabis Foundation
  • Marwood Veneer and Lumber
  • Masonic Communities and Services Association
  • Medtour 360
  • My Tablet Books
  • NeuroRecovery Training Institute
  • Old Louisville Democratic Club
  • Open Arms Children's Health
  • Originext
  • Orthopaedic Specialists
  • Paclite Trading Company
  • Pediatric Associates of Elizabethtown
  • Polymer Services Technology, Inc.
  • Premier Event Rentals Limited
  • PT Development
  • River Road Mosque - Louisville Islamic Center
  • Roofing502
  • Sleep Outfitters
  • Steve Leonard Consulting Engineer
  • Texas Physical Therapy Specialists - TexPTS
  • Trieco
  • Vacuum Authority
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